Monday, 30 November 2015

Hidden purposes behind the Expectations

As the expectation comes from other side,
We first ask, why I do ?
and Why he/she expect such things from me ?
I know we all don't like to change ourselves so easily

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

It's okay to feel something deep !!

Why do we get attach even we know,
as it's lovely.....!!
as it's also painful...!!

because we are human.
a sensitive animal of world.
even we have sense that we may be fall there,
we go and fall :)

Saturday, 15 August 2015

This is not just Title for me.

Miss Fresher...!!
I don't know where to start actually. They didn't just give me that Title. They give me something which I can't explain-express in words.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Communication skills in Real Life

Last time when I was travelling, for Tamilnadu. Surrounded by People who only know Tamil - Not even Hindi. I am kind of person who never ever sit in silence even when I am surrounded by all new people. I always have bunch of questions in mind for ask.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Friendzone !!

Let me tell my fear on friendzone. why should only boys ? Yes I also have fear of friendzone but let me clear it's not the kind of you have.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Let me walk alone....For a while.!!

Alone. What an amazing moments, we always create - when we are alone and the thing is that we even don't realize about those moments. No one come and interrupt us. No one redirect our thoughts. Actually alone word has no connection with loneliness - It's all about having fun with our own self.

Friday, 26 June 2015

My very first interview !! On Entrepreneurship !! Place :: IIT Madras

What exactly I wanted as my first Interview , I got. First of all Thank you God for that Wonderful chance of meeting those personality. It was on MS in Entrepreneurship at IIT Madras. In panel I was the youngest one. And by chance my interview turn was very first. I was so much excited at that time.
They asked me about my project Best out of waste and It was non technical purely.

They asked me about what exactly I done till now  and what exactly I want to do in future. We were talking like normal people, I didn't feel any pressure on my head because they were so much friendly,.....

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Make a difference where you are !!

If you went at least once outside the Gujarat then You are already living the life for what they are dreaming everyday with me :)
If you have a choice of  going for arts - commerce - Science after your 10th then you have great choices in your life because they have only two choice arts and commerce  - they don't have science school in their town.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Why am I Lucky !!

In my 2 month India Tour, one thing I usually heard from everyone is that Bhumi you are so lucky !! You got permission of your parents for all your visits. who-else allow girl child to go for Mumbai, Chennai, Kanpur, Roorkee , Hyderabad and many other places ? ? ?

I always give a smile or sometimes I try to make them understand How exactly did I get permission !! Most-ally boys laughed on it and girls are not there because may be they can't get permission to come outside to Gujarat to laugh on my jokes !! :D 

Monday, 22 June 2015

That day no charging slot nearby my seat, charge me with positive energy.

While travelling in sleeper class, I always pray for one thing,"Please god, I have charging slot nearby my seat" but after that day, I never pray for same thing again.

"Ohh... No charging slot this time.. Now I have to go at the end of train compartment for charging.. Uff !!"

How did I lose weight !

If you are here to find some diet chart then please close the tab. I lose my weight Just by being Myself more, Just by focusing on myself more. Explore my interest more and my day goes with so much fun and happiness.

Motivator also need one best friend.

One day someone questioned me that do you never fall in sad mood or in depression ?
I said, Depression till today,I never fall into. But yes I am also human sometime situation make me sad.
"What do you need ? A person just like you"
"No No... I need some balance in my phone so that I can miss call my favorite person of life Anurag"
"What do he speak on ?"
"He crack one joke and say that, You are not made for it. Left it. "

I traveled all IIT but get admission in NIT

All started before 2 months.. With the hope in heart that I will get into at-least one. But some my mistakes and tragedy happens, which lead to my admission into NIT.
From the Last IIT we all were returning. I was thinking and quite silent, Message pop up in mobile.
"Hey bhumi !!"
"Hello How are you?"

Two buses teach me about HOPE

At Hyderabad ! 
I was going to meet my friend. I was newbie as I didn't know any buses number. I was asking and searching and Then I found one who took me to my friend home. But My bad luck and bus conductor in hurry that it gone. But my luck is not that much bad so that I got same number bus just behind it.
After seating in bus, first thing I do ! give my silent blessing to Driver :)

What did he say about me !!

Those lines !!
Affect me. I was speechless at that time.
Really ?