Monday, 22 June 2015

I traveled all IIT but get admission in NIT

All started before 2 months.. With the hope in heart that I will get into at-least one. But some my mistakes and tragedy happens, which lead to my admission into NIT.
From the Last IIT we all were returning. I was thinking and quite silent, Message pop up in mobile.
"Hey bhumi !!"
"Hello How are you?"

####Some usual talks####
"Completed with Journey ?"
I said Yeah finally.
"Great. You got at-least a chance to visit all IITs for which I was trying for last two years."
I feel that How much lucky I am. It's just my first trial. I thanks to god and then replied him,
"It's okay. God has his plan and he know very well what is better for us. So Let believe on his decision " (That day I replied two person at a time with only one message - one my friend and other me)

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