Monday, 29 June 2015

Let me walk alone....For a while.!!

Alone. What an amazing moments, we always create - when we are alone and the thing is that we even don't realize about those moments. No one come and interrupt us. No one redirect our thoughts. Actually alone word has no connection with loneliness - It's all about having fun with our own self.

We have to spend some time every day with us. We have to ask our-self -
What did I get at the end of day ?

Am I doing something everyday which will lead me towards my dreams and Goals OR Just spending my days for what other people want from me ?

It's very good habit to pray God before we go for sleep but I want to ask you something ....We ask God to create some situations and things as we want to see them but what about the things already created by GOD? I mean to YOU.  YOU are the creativity of GOD. YOU are so much enough to make change in this world if and only if you have enough belief on YOU -- on YOUR thoughts -- on YOUR every dreams.

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