Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Make a difference where you are !!

If you went at least once outside the Gujarat then You are already living the life for what they are dreaming everyday with me :)
If you have a choice of  going for arts - commerce - Science after your 10th then you have great choices in your life because they have only two choice arts and commerce  - they don't have science school in their town.

If your school time is 7 am and you wake up daily early to just get ready then you have amazing life guys because they have to wake up not just to get ready for schools but also help their mother in work before leaving for schools.
If you already watched some "Women empowerment" videos and you feel inspired by them then you have wonderful knowledge about what is exactly happening in this world because I took 2 hours to make them understood what is "Women Empowerment" !!
If you think that those videos really inspire you then you are already empowered woman or man because who actually need empowerment, are not seen those videos till today.

Be change !! Make a difference where you are  !! That's the reason why am I always wanted to work for ground level because I am from there !!

I am going to meet them again on this weekends !! 


  1. Nice noble work, backward areas of our country are needed to get empowered is distinct requirements, posting on social media is just not lead to empowerment, action is necessary. U took this initiative its really amazing.