Monday, 22 June 2015

Motivator also need one best friend.

One day someone questioned me that do you never fall in sad mood or in depression ?
I said, Depression till today,I never fall into. But yes I am also human sometime situation make me sad.
"What do you need ? A person just like you"
"No No... I need some balance in my phone so that I can miss call my favorite person of life Anurag"
"What do he speak on ?"
"He crack one joke and say that, You are not made for it. Left it. "

One Accident ::
My NIT form is cancelled, Just because I corrected my Date of birth. And man at the reporting center said me that My seat is cancelled and I will not get any NIT this year.
I was like blind by mind,"Shit-All IIT is already closed for me and now NIT also. What will I do for Post Graduation. I will be not going to any other colleges. Then ? Then You have to apply next year. What about this year ? Go for work what you are already doing But Parents ? Mummy definitely start crying and regret on it for a year........Let me tell things to Anurag"
As usual, He do fun with my situation and I feel better in just 10 min.

(Note :: I got my NIT seat confirm in second round again so don't believe in all other people's words. May be they have half knowledge about things)

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