Friday, 26 June 2015

My very first interview !! On Entrepreneurship !! Place :: IIT Madras

What exactly I wanted as my first Interview , I got. First of all Thank you God for that Wonderful chance of meeting those personality. It was on MS in Entrepreneurship at IIT Madras. In panel I was the youngest one. And by chance my interview turn was very first. I was so much excited at that time.
They asked me about my project Best out of waste and It was non technical purely.

They asked me about what exactly I done till now  and what exactly I want to do in future. We were talking like normal people, I didn't feel any pressure on my head because they were so much friendly,.....

Sir exactly besides me said that So you are business woman.
I said, no sir I am maker I am dreamer I dream - Make my dream as goals and then try to do it all time. think about it all time.
Sir :: Frankly said then this course is not made for people like you.
I :: ( I am quite silent and want to listen more about it )
Sir continue... Go and visit this place of IIT madras. It will inspire you. Go there first and don't waste time on this course. ( He gave me address of one place)
I :: Sure sir. You know better about this course.

I was about to leave and he stopped me and told me, see Bhumi - "Promise me before you leave. You will continue your work, It will be not affected by this Interview."

"Sir, Is It my interview or Best out of waste's Interview(My work) ? Mine right. It is my dream not just work. so mentally or physically detachment is not in my hand..! "  

He smiled then...started laughing and said me Good bye and All the best !! 

I returned to hostel where I stayed at Madras visit time. Took my bag and I was just about to return and then suddenly what I read on wall of hostel room was that below picture.


  1. "bhumi,you are beautiful"
    these are the words which came out of my heart after reading this :)

    1. Thank you Mayuri. I feel blessed to have friend like you in my life :))

  2. it's an interesting so what's your next target?