Monday, 22 June 2015

That day no charging slot nearby my seat, charge me with positive energy.

While travelling in sleeper class, I always pray for one thing,"Please god, I have charging slot nearby my seat" but after that day, I never pray for same thing again.

"Ohh... No charging slot this time.. Now I have to go at the end of train compartment for charging.. Uff !!"
After Dinner, everyone plan for sleep and I went to charging slot, I enjoyed wind in my air and charging my phone. I saw one man without slipper, was sitting there at the corner. I remembered that I ate half biscuit packet and some biscuit were in packets. Let me give him. I gave - He ate. 

Then one another man who works in train-kitchen, I recognized by his uniform. He offered one plate of dinner to him, he refused and said that I done with my dinner and I could not save your plate of dinner for breakfast so gave it to another needy person.

Now I have proper definition of  Satisfaction and Storage in my mind...!! 

Justin Gaffrey- Artist, sculpting with paint

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