Monday, 22 June 2015

Two buses teach me about HOPE

At Hyderabad ! 
I was going to meet my friend. I was newbie as I didn't know any buses number. I was asking and searching and Then I found one who took me to my friend home. But My bad luck and bus conductor in hurry that it gone. But my luck is not that much bad so that I got same number bus just behind it.
After seating in bus, first thing I do ! give my silent blessing to Driver :)
Problem is started when My bus was exactly behind the bus with same number. No-one came in our bus. And driver of my bus was in angry mood, "No-one is coming into our bus. we are just following...." 
But What I think is.... 
"Second bus is just like hope for first time failure. Just like my case. Whoever come into second bus definitely give blessing."
In business I always try to think about satisfying our first time customer but now I will focus on customers which are not satisfied by other company product in their first trial. And If I can satisfy them, I will be hope for them and also they will give blessings to my work ;) 

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