Monday, 22 June 2015

What did he say about me !!

Those lines !!
Affect me. I was speechless at that time.
Really ?

He said me that You are different girl. I have ever meet a girl who motivate me like this,.... (I smiled till that moment and then what did he say was like that )
I asked, Different in which way ? 
He said, Different in the sense, Your thinking can motivate anyone. You don't think like other girls.
So I asked, How do other girl think and talk with you till today ? 
He said, At the end they mostly ask about relationship, there's no technical talk. No future goals.
So I shocked, really? 
He said yes. 
I just... So much silence. 
Then My thinking was started on this topic, is this so ?
If I find one example - Girls without goals. I can't say he is totally wrong.
I know he is not totally right. But is he totally wrong ? 
Girls.... I found many examples. :( 
I will change them :) 

(Take this post positive way! Be change!)

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