Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Why am I Lucky !!

In my 2 month India Tour, one thing I usually heard from everyone is that Bhumi you are so lucky !! You got permission of your parents for all your visits. who-else allow girl child to go for Mumbai, Chennai, Kanpur, Roorkee , Hyderabad and many other places ? ? ?

I always give a smile or sometimes I try to make them understand How exactly did I get permission !! Most-ally boys laughed on it and girls are not there because may be they can't get permission to come outside to Gujarat to laugh on my jokes !! :D 

Now what I want to say is that... Yes I am lucky but your reason is not correct. As the first time when I said about my trips to my parents, my parents are also just like others. They also have fear and they also do so much care about me. so My father also said me why !! Take admission in any NIT !! 

(My rank is 342 so I get interview call from many IIT. Next choice is NIT) 

I am lucky because the time when my father stop to tell his reason of not to go for any Visits, on the next moment I started my reasons to say him why to attend and take visits of all IIT ? After an hour discussions lead to decision on my side. He said Yes happily. I personally feel the lack of this discussion between girls and their parents. 

Actually I am so much lucky to have Father who never again ask me for same thing. We always had a talk after my every rejection of written test in all IIT. He always say me to try for next.  No words were ever wasted on regrets. That's the best thing about me and my Father relation !! And I proudly said that I made this relation like this.   

He always say, "Bahu jiddi che... amara hath ma kyarey raish j nai ne..."
I say, ''Je hath mane jakadava magata hoi ema rahi ne mane shu malase papa...haji to ghanu farvu che...Karavu che...  "

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