Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Friendzone !!

Let me tell my fear on friendzone. why should only boys ? Yes I also have fear of friendzone but let me clear it's not the kind of you have.

"Friendzone" - now a days very much used term in relationships and love. As I have a habit of saying I like you and I love you to all lovely people of my world now I also have fear of this. may be one day I'll tell I love you to my very good friend because of some good help - situation or many another tiny little things happens because of him in my life. And may be he will think that I am trying to friendzone him. There's chance of happening confusion also. But then I think... If he is my good or best friend he understand and he know what I mean by I love you words there. If he can't then may be he has no worth to be my good friend.

So I just want to say to all boys that everyone has no same meaning. May be you are defining the new definition for "Saying NO by girls" may be you are judging a girl who has a habit of giving compliments to all - Just like me. so Just think. once. before you judge any girl. I am also against Friendzone but this post is just for explaining my fear. Don't loose a good friend just because of hurriedness of using that most popular word of Friendzone.

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