Thursday, 13 August 2015

Communication skills in Real Life

Last time when I was travelling, for Tamilnadu. Surrounded by People who only know Tamil - Not even Hindi. I am kind of person who never ever sit in silence even when I am surrounded by all new people. I always have bunch of questions in mind for ask.
For not just ask but most specifically for starting a new conversion. That day I sat in middle of all such people where we don't have common language for communicate. That was the first time with this kind of situation.

And suddenly I saw a kid in lap of my next to next lady. And Everyone who knows me personally, know that I am too much curious about kids :P Started playing with her. Started talking with her parents in sign language. and after some minutes I was started talking with every person in compartment !

About Tamilnadu culture. About Tamil Movies - Heroes - My favourite tamil actor and many more :P Today I am again thinking about that day, I had a thought in my mind is that, there are many different quality in us which are extremely awesome - but no Resume for jobs is ever noticed down it. Try to explore all such kind of hidden stuff inside yourself. Compliment yourself. Be little more weird today :) 

This is the best picture of us I think. PC : Deepak :P See your name is on my Blog ;)

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