Monday, 30 November 2015

Hidden purposes behind the Expectations

As the expectation comes from other side,
We first ask, why I do ?
and Why he/she expect such things from me ?
I know we all don't like to change ourselves so easily
if someone expect that early morning sunrays is landed on our skin in place of those warmly blankets till 11 am. Then what's wrong in this ?
But as we all don't want to change ourselves we find out wrong excuses in right points.
If parents expect something from us then it's obvious that they order us to do such things,
but when it's comes from your boy-friend or girl friend,as their regular opinion,
we try to protect ourselves by saying, why do I change myself for you ? I am perfect, I am so much comfortable in my own skin and blah blah blah...!!
Same sentence is converted into "No one is Perfect", while fault is ours.
I know both sentences are correct but it's not correct time to use it.
Don't use quote of life as your excuses.
Just try to go outside your routine - I mean bad routine.

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