Sunday, 8 May 2016

Accept people the way they are

Every time when I made some mistake and want to change a bit so that again I will never repeat my that mistake and when ever I decide to not to do so and so, I always find a next chance of moment to not to do so. I know may be you all are little bit confused about topic of post so let me clear with the example.

Each time when ever I had even little argument with my parents or boyfriend or friend, that each time I decide some not to do tasks in my life because arguments are really ones perspective towards the subject and all perspectives are right in their way and no one ever want to break their relationship with other just because of one perspective based on arguments. So each time when I have arguments with people I love, I try to change a little bit for them so that they can comfortably share their views next time and if you are not doing so, you are losing him or her a little bit after each arguments.

You have to accept people you love, the way they are

and for that you must have to make them comfortable to you. Change a little bit so that next time the same thing never ever lead to you for fight.

Pause yourself a little and Pray.

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